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Installation on 7248-100


	I am installing debian 2.2r2 on a IBM PowerPC 7248-100, it's a
43P. First, some history:
	The current prep/images-1.44/boot.bin doesn't work for me.
When I boot from this floppy I get a SCSI timed out error, with the
following message. The serial_number gets increasing infinitely.

SCSI host 0 abort (pid 0) timed out - reseting
SCSI bus being reset for host 0 channel 0
ncr538xx_reset: pid 0 reset_flag=2 serial_number=1

	The boot image of linuxppc2000 at
works fine, and I can use the Debian root.bin disk . As the boot disk
is 2.2.16 I'm getting some troubles when I reach the Device Drivers
Configuration, because the potato drivers.tgz is 2.2.18pre21.

	I'm going to try some others kernels with the rescue.bin disk,
but I can't access the firmware prompt. The boot sequence is:
a PowerPC logo in red, then show some icons (keyboard, network, sound,
etc..), and search for boot devices in the sequence configured.
	Using the F8 key it asks for the SMS floppy and start the
managemant interface.

	My questions:

	There are any other boot image (like the boot.bin) that I can
use? With other configurations of kernel or other version.
	Anyone knows how to access the firmware prompt in this machine?

	After this long email, thanks for any directions...

--                              --
Aleck Zander      -    aleck@unesp.br
Network Analyst        -          GRC
Unesp - University of Sao Paulo State

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