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Re: debian-powerpc: Keyspan USB to serial converter works :)

Brendan J Simon wrote:

> I'd just like to let everyone know that I got my Keyspan USB to Serial
> converter working last night.  I got the linux 2.4.2 sources (from
> fsmlabs) and built the kernel to include the Keyspan driver.  I'm using
> the new devfs so the /dev entries are /dev/usb/tts/0 and /dev/usb/tts/1
> since I now have 2 mini 8 DIN serial ports.  I can now talk to my
> embedded systems.


I just got my Belkin USB->Serial going last week and was able to talk to my
embedded system as well, but I have a quirk with I was wondering if you see.

The serial console on my embedded system is only 9600, and for some reason it
seems that when I pull up minicom, even though it is set to 9600, I have to
change it to a higher speed, then kick it back down to 9600 and it works fine.
Before that I get garbage on the screen, and think it's initially set to the
wrong speed (I'll have to dig through the Belkin code and see if it
initializes to something else).

Is there a way that anyone knows of that I can set the USB port, as setserial
does to the serial ports? It's my understanding that USB doesn't have speed of
such, so I have a feeling that in my case it is a problem in the Belkin
USB->Serial converter...but thought I would ask anyway...;-)

I normally cross-comile on an i686 box running Debian (ppc 823 target), but
I'm happy to be able to use my PowerBook to do it, I'm a road warrior now!
Most of my colleagues think I'm sacrilege for running a non-Apple OS on it,
but they'll get over it, I know that I have already!<roar!> 


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.

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