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Re: Help with X?

Michel Dänzer wrote:

> You haven't looked very closely at this list's archive, have you? :)

Well, seeing that I joined the list last week, no I haven't.;-)

I searched on the web, went to penguinppc.org, linuxppc.org, etc...nothing
popped up in front of my eyes though...

> on all architectures BTW

Yes, however for me it just complicated getting the PowerBook going as I was
not as familiar with the hardware and the configuration tools changed, these
are just coincidental, and not related to each other actually.

> Nope, it's still there (at least upstream) but deprecated by xf86cfg (which
> can also run in text mode).

That I didn't know. (can run in text mode)

The top of the man page says:

xf86cfg - Graphical configuration tool for XFree86 4.0

> > I'll try and dig it up and if I can find anything I'll let you know. I'll
> > have to ask around, I work with a lot of ex-Apple folks, one of them might
> > know...like the hardware engineer...
> Sounds like an opportunity, would be great!

I sent a message off to our hardware engineer and will get back to you if he
has any useful info on it. There should be some specs on it somewhere, even if
it's with the OEM that Apple gets the TFTs from. I'll let you know if I hear

Most of the Mac bigots I work will respond with, "why do you need to know
that, Mac OS doesn't need it, everything works fine...".


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.

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