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Re: Email client and conversion from Netscape Mail on win32

Mike Fedyk wrote:

> I'm going to keep my search to a text based email client, because I
> don't like to have to use vnc to view my email from home... Mutt is
> great in an Xterm, and picture viewing is good too.  I wonder if mutt
> can use links or netscape for html viewing...  Anyone know?  It's
> probably in the config file, or some symlinked "html-viewer" in a bin
> dir...  Looked in /etc/alternatives, but no browser or www grep
> results...

Not sure if this will help, but the muttzilla package in unstable makes Netscape go
the other way, that is, makes Netscape launch your favorite email client when a
mailto: or news: URL is clicked.

Also, if you use GNOME, the gnome-bin package has a binary called
"gnome-moz-remote".  It's pretty neat- it controls a locally running Netscape, and
even if you have Netscape running on another machine but on the local X display, it
will open a new window on the remote Netscape and the local display.  I don't know
how they do that, but it's especially helpful on platforms without native Netscape
such as Alpha or ARM (mozilla is currently broken on both too), where you have to
run Netscape via ssh to another machine.

Just FYI,

-Adam P.

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