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Re: debian-powerpc: kernel-source-2.4.1 on powerbook

The webpage mentions using rsync from the fsmlabs repository but it doesn't work (at least for me). I get the following.

$ rsync bitkeeper.fsmlabs.com::linuxppc_2_4 linuxppc_2_4
failed to connect to bitkeeper.fsmlabs.com - Connection refused

Is it broken ???

Brendan Simon.

Michael Heironimus wrote:

If you want a working PowerPC kernel you should grab the ppc tree with either rsync or bitkeeper. For access to the bitkeeper repository, refer to http://www.fsmlabs.com/linuxppcbk.html. You can also rsync from ppc.samba.org::linux-pmac-devel, which I think has some more experimental drivers. I'm running 2.4.2 from bitkeeper on a 2000 PowerBook (Firewire) with no real problems. Be aware that these are both developing source trees, so they get changes on a regular basis.

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