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Re: Airport support in 2.4.x kernel

On  17 Mar, this message from Tuomas Kuosmanen echoed through cyberspace:
> On Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 09:46:55PM -0800, thus said Alan DuBoff:
>> You have set me on the right track here. I have the module now, and was able
>> to insmod it, but I don't see any wireless interfaces, so will go to the links
>> you gave and RTFM and see if I can get it started.
> It is "airport", not eth0 or wavelan0. So you can "ifconfig airport blah
> blah"

Rememebr the fine options to ifconfig ;-) running 'ifconfig' without
options will only show you configured interfaces, not unconfigured ones.
Running 'ifconfig -a' will show _all_ interfaces.


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