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Re: Powerbook 3400 install

On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 06:23:41PM -0800, Wilhelm Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > thats an oldworld so the CD is not bootable.  you need to use the boot
> > floppies which may or may not work since they don't detect the
> > keyboard properly for most people.  (when they ask for the root floppy)
> Although the original author wanted to be able to remove MacOS completely,
> I will pass along the tip that I was able to install Debian on my 3400
> very easily by using BootX to boot a kernel & installation ramdisk image.
> If the boot floppies don't work, perhaps you could start with a small
> MacOS partition, use BootX to get Linux installed and booting, and then
> reclaim the MacOS partition for Linux once you've got the quik stuff
> worked out.  I used to use that with LinuxPPC before I switched to debian,
> so I know it works on the 3400.

one useful trick for accomplishing this is create the macos partition
the smae size as your swap partition will be.  then do without swap
until you get quik working, then you can delete the macos partition
and replace it with a swap.  

all that leaves is the crufty drivers partitions.. perhaps in this
case create the macos partition first, then use gnu parted to delete
all the drivers, macos partition and fill the space with a single swap

Ethan Benson

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