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Re: debian-powerpc: Apple Titanium notebooks ?

Peter Cordes wrote:

There are a lot of PPC fixes that haven't been merged into Linus's tree.
Have a look at http://www.linuxcare.com.au/paulus/kernels.html and
http://www.fsmlabs.com/linuxppcbk.html.  (The instructions for rsync given
on the fsmlabs page don't work.  I was able to get the kernel with
bitkeeper, though.  To compile it, I had to  bk extract  it to another
directory, since bitkeeper has all the filenames as s.foo instead of foo.)

I tried to use rsync as stated on the fsmlabs page but it no longer works. It used to work at some stage because I rsynced an 2.3 kernel some time ago. I used the ftp method and it worked for me :)

I haven't gotten the enhanced RTC driver to work on my SMP powermac in any
of the 2.4 kernels I've tried.  I get unresolved symbols when linking if I
try to put it in the kernel, or in rtc.o when I have it as a module.  I've
also had problems with building NFS or smbfs as modules with some kernels.
(Are these known problems, or should I be telling people about this?)

I don't know about RTC. Never used it (knowingly). I have had problems with the sound driver. I had the Sound Support and PowerMac DMA Sound selected as modules but I didn't here any beeps in my gnome-terminals. If I select "Y" instead of "M", then I do get the bell sound in my terminals.

Brendan Simon.

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