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Re: Is libc6 OK on powerpc?

On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 08:57:56AM -0800, David J. Roundy wrote:
> "__va_arg_type_violation" is a function which doesn't exist, which gcc
> intentionally makes a call to if you make a bad va_arg call.  See
> <va-ppc.h> (which is where I read about it).
> I'm not sure why it does this rather than giving a compile time error,
> which would be much more user-friendly, since it would give the line of
> code that is causing the problem.  Also, it doesn't do it when you turn the
> optimization off, which I also don't understand.

It can't give a compile-time error; the reason is briefly alluded to in
va-ppc.h, IIRC.  GCC 3.0 -will- be able to, on the other hand.  I

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