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Re: Airport support in 2.4.x kernel

On Sat, Mar 17, 2001 at 10:45:57PM -0800, Alan DuBoff wrote:
> Certainly I won't argue after spending more time on getting the 2.4 kernel
> operational than I would have liked. But I guess that is how Paulus is using
> it.

that is no excuse.  you can leave devfs set to NOT automount and mount
it with a kernel argument, this is done by adding append= lines to

besides if this .config is supposed to just be the one paul uses on
his personal machine and not a generic example of 2.4 configuration on
powerpcs then he should run make mrproper before posting the tree so
people can make thier own config instead of getting burned by his
broken config.  

> I consider this to be more ignorance on my part with the 2.4 kernel, as I have
> installed it on only one machine previous and wasn't familiar with all the
> changes from the 2.2 kernel specific, and trying to learn them now. All the
> machines I have running Debian for my work are still on 2.2.x kernels, and
> this is the first ppc machine I've installed and run Debian on.

2.4 in no way whatsoever requires devfs.  i run it on one intel box
and it has absolutely no support for devfs and it works just fine.  

you were not in error in believing that you can install a 2.4 kernel
on an ordinary potato box and not have problems (other then upgrading

Ethan Benson

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