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Re: Email client and conversion from Netscape Mail on win32

also sprach Mike Fedyk (on Tue, 06 Mar 2001 05:33:34PM -0800):
> Now, here's the problem.  I want to convert my email activities over to linux. 
> So, I may as well drop netscape at the same time, if I can. I would like to be
> able to read html mail also. I've looked at a couple in the last half hour, and
> here's what I've come across in potato-r2.

the way that will give you least headaches:

install a local imap daemon. log on to it from windoze, transfer all
your mail. then download it all from the unix mail client.

> mutt: didn't look very much, so don't know.

make sure to look. mutt is the most powerful.


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