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Re: Mozilla 0.8 unoffcial packages available

Ethan Benson wrote:

> Hi,
> Takuo KITAME built some unofficial 0.8 Mozilla packages, a simple
> upgrade of the existing M18 packages in debian now.  The debian
> mozilla maintainer is still working on totally revamping his packages
> which will take some more time (mail, chat and all that crap will be
> in seperate packages when he done it looks like) in the meantime these
> packages are clean, and made for debian, they are NOT alienized rpm
> crud.
> Takuo only built the packages for i386, i rebuilt them for powerpc and
> checked that they work.

Excellent, thank you very much!  I just built and uploaded the rest of the nautilus
Build-Depends chain, but of course nautilus itself wouldn't build without mozilla
0.8.  I had given up, but thanks to your packages, am now building nautilus again
and it got past configure...

Uh oh, gtk include problems.  Seems we (powerpc) got gtk+1.2_1.2.9-1 before
everyone else (that's a first!), and it's breaking some builds (which were broken
to begin with but used to work anyway).  Among those is ammonite, which builds with
a trivial patch (see bug #88755; I can't upload it from the U.S.).  But that's not
needed to run nautilus, only to use the Eazel services.

nautilus should be in incoming shortly, as soon as I iron out the gtk include

Thanks again,

-Adam P.

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