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Re: debian2.2r2 on powerbook G4

Alan DuBoff wrote:

> > The airport driver included in Paulus' rsync tree has been working great
> > for me.
> I will look into this a bit closer. I went there earlier, but saw that he
> only had a 2.2.17 kernel (of the 2.2.x vintage), and 2.4.0testxxx. Maybe
> it's a good time to switch over to the 2.4.x kernel, but I was thinking more
> of 2.4.2 which has been out.
> I have a 2.2.18 kernel with some patches on it, and would like to keep it
> rather than go back to the 2.2.17 from Paulus' tree.

michdaen@pismo:~> uname -a
Linux pismo 2.4.2 #136 Sat Mar 10 20:51:00 CET 2001 ppc unknown

This is from the linux-2.4-paulus rsync tree. I recommend 2.4 unless MOL is

> Would you reccomend using Paulus' kernel over the Debian stable kernels? Up
> until now I've been leaning towards the sticking with the Debian.

Paulus' 2.4 tree has the airport driver (and Iain Sandoe's new dmasound
driver). That's 'nuff said for me. :) Beware that it's more experimental and
thus arguably less stable than the bk 2.4 tree. The biggest problem I've had
is ldconfig sporadically dying with an illegal instruction, but that seems to
be fixed now.

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)    \   Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
CS student, Free Software enthusiast   \        XFree86 and DRI project member

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