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Re: KDE2.1 Control Center Glitch (PPC)

On Tuesday 20 March 2001 02:46, Andrei Verovski wrote:
> Hi,
> I have KDE2.1 running OK on my PPC. However, any attempt to use hardware
> information from KDE control center produces link error: undefined -
> /opt/kde2/lib/kde2/libkcm_info.so, _floatdidf.
> Any idea what I am missing?

That is interesting. The Debian potato packages that I built for 
kde.debian.net have much the same problem (except its /usr/lib/kde2...).

This seems to verify that it is not a packaging problem. I have spent a some 
time attempting to find the source of this problem for the Debian packages, 
but hve not yet found it. __floatdidf is in libm and kcontrol is linked 
against libm.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Rick Cook

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