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Re: Airport support in 2.4.x kernel

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Alan DuBoff wrote:
> > My only complaint so far is that if you leave the machine running, and close
> > the lid, it gets hotter than a well digger's @$$, when I open it, it seems
> > like you can fry and egg on the palm rest areas on each side of the
> > trackpad...
> Don't do that! Sleep isn't supported yet for the newer machines, so it
> basically runs full steam even when the lid is closed. You're lucky it hasn't
> taken damage yet.

Not to worry, I wouldn't continue doing that after discovering how hot it got.
BTW, sleep was/is a problem in MacOS9 and possibly MacOSX as well, and it
drains the battery down when it is in sleep mode on one or both of them. So
not surprising that sleep is not supported on ppc linux.

> > After I get my airport module, I think I need to add my network wireless
> > network name as an argument when the module loads, correct?
> If the network requires it, yes. I don't remember what the option names are. I
> understand there is some option for modprobe or insmod to show the options for
> a module but I can't find it right now.

Well, I got the kernel built, but it doesn't want to run. I have some problems
with ext2, it seemed it couldn't get the partitions mounted or something like
that...I did have ext2 enabled, checked it a second time. The odd thing is
that I had a 2.4.3pre2, did a build, but before installing it tried another
rsync and it updated to 2.4.3pre3. Not sure if Paulus was going through
changes yesterday or what, will look into that today when I get some time. I
need to get some work done before playing with the PowerBook anymore.


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.

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