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Re: Bug#86356: analog: analog segfaults

At 11:29 02.03.2001, Stephen Turner wrote:

This turns out to be a bug in gcc, not analog. On ppc, gcc 2.95.2 seems to
have alignment problems when a function is passed certain long lists of
arguments including doubles. But apparently the bug is fixed in the (not yet
released) 2.95.3 version of gcc.

No, it won't be fixed in the official gcc-2.95.3, cause the release manager Bernd Schmidt rejected my patch because of the possible implications for other platforms. It is fixed in my Linux/PPC RPM's since about a year, and accordingly in the update RPM's for LinuxPPC and YDL. Suse is fixed too, I think since around mid-last-year. Somehow Debian slipped through, but I have been in contact with Daniel Jacobowitz, and I think he will upgrade the Debian package soon (or he already has?). My current diff against the GCC CVS gcc-2_95-branch (which will become the official 2.95.3) can be found at <ftp://devel.linuxppc.org:21/users/fsirl/cvs-2_95-branch-ppc.diff>, I just updated it with a fix for the loop bug uncovered by some MPEG player.

gcc-3.0pre (PPC RPM's soon to come) already has all the fixes, so with 3.0 we all will be in sync again.


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