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Re: libssl09 vs libssl095a

In article <cistron.396D0188.FEB6E1DF@ophelan.com>,
Daniel Whelan  <merlin@ophelan.com> wrote:
>I am trying to install libapache-mod-ssl, but am unable to for the
>following reason: libapache-mod-ssl depends on openssl and libssl09.
>openssl depends on libssl095a. libssl09 and libssl095a conflict with one
>another, making the whole thing unresolvable. :(
>Any ideas on how to get around this, or should a bug report be filed
>with someone?

Bugs have already been filed. Check out the bug list against libssl095a
in the BTS (http://www.debian.org/Bugs/)

No response from the maintainer yet though.


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