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Re: Kernel question

:: On Thu, 06 Jul 2000 21:22:06 +0300, Heikki Vatiainen <hessu@cs.tut.fi> said:

> In my experience, it is. The laptop I'm using has a 2.4.0-test3
> kernel and the machine at home,

Where did you get a "2.4.0-test3" kernel? The last one I saw was
test2.. There was also a "test2-ac22", in Alan's directory, but I
found no test3 anywhere...

Was that a typo, or did I not really find the (actually existent)
test3 kernel?


Jeronimo Pellegrini
Institute of Computing - Unicamp - Brazil
mailto:jeronimo@ic.unicamp.br    mailto:pellegrini@iname.com

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