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Re: Kernel recompile problems

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000 04:05:38 +0200, André Dahlqvist said:

>  Probably because you overwrote the old modules with the new ones, and
>  the kernel you're running now wasn't compiled at the same time as these
>  modules.

That would probably be it.  So now how do I go about getting the old ones back.
 I know they are overwritten but is there any way?  I would like to recompile
the kernel with SCSI emulation for my cd-rom but I get an massive amount of
unresolved symbols and then I can't do much of anything (no eth, no sound,
etc...).   Any ideas what would cause that?  I posted in a few places before
any haven't gotten any responses.  I followed the NHF from linuxnewbie.org for
X-CD Roast to try and get the cd writer working.


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