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Re: mail problems

David Purton <dcpurton@smug.adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
> I emailed about this a couple of days ago, and still haven't managed
> to solve
> the problem, so I thought I'd try again
> I'm running exim, pine and potato on a dialup machine.
> I want to my actual email address to be attached to messages on the
> way out
> and have put a line in /etc/email-addresses to do this.

I haven't been following the thread, so excuse me if I repeat something
others have already said.

I too use exim. My hostname on my machine is scgf. My username is gsmh.
My email address is gsmh@gmx.net. In my /etc/exim/conf I have these

qualify_domain = gmx.net  
qualify_recipient = scgf.gmx.net
local_domains = localhost:scgf.gmx.net

gsmh@scgf.gmx.net does not really exist apart from on my local machine.
I found this ensured that any mail sent to *@scgf.gmx.net got routed
locally rather than going through my IP and it also means that mail is
correctly handed on to exim after being fetched by fetchmail in order to
be sorted according to the filters in ~/.forward.

'qualify_domain' means that @gmx.net is appended to the username of all
outgoing emails - which is surely something like you want.

I have another user on my machine who logs on as 'scott' but his email
address is 'sah1@gmx.net'. Exim provides an excellent re-wite facility.
I added this line in /etc/exim.conf:

scott@gmx.net sah1@gmx.net Ffsr 

Any email coming from scott@gmx.net (generated automatically by exim) is
then re-written to show the sender as sah1@gmx.net.

I use Ishmail as my mail user agent and can set up different identities
- say for work and personal use, but that is a different issue.

Hope this helps a little.

Phillip Deackes
Using Storm Linux

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