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Re: need help from linux community!!

>   I installed debian 2.2 this afternoon on a partition without erase neither my RedHat nor
> win95 and when I try to boot MBR appears, and not lilo. How should I proceed? I need to
> correct this quickly. When I press TAB it runs win95 , HELP!!!! What is this MBR? How run
> lilo instead this MBR? 

Try booting into RedHat with your savedisk and executing lilo. Take care of the
following 2 options:

-r root-directory
       Before doing anything else,  do  a  chroot  to  the
       indicated  directory.  Used  for  repairing a setup
       from a boot floppy.

-C config-file
       lilo reads its instructions about what files to map
       from  its  config  file, by default /etc/lilo.conf.
       This option can be used to  specify  a  non-default
       config file.


The program required me to install Windows 95 or better. So I installed Linux.

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