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Re: Network (internet) problems

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Are u sure that is a "local" problem?

I was working on a ISP which havent any control over the modem-pool (just 
sub-renting this ones) and sometimes we detected some problems just with that.
The problem was on the asscend in that case (poll of modems) ... this could 
be the same.

At 16.15 5/7/00 +0400, Alex V. Toropov wrote:
>Hi, all
>Some time ago I find out that I have some kind of communication problems
>over internet
>with some hosts.
>It looks like "dead" connection.
>for example: I open a pop3 connection to some host with telnet.
>I can login and retr small messages with no problem. (small = 10k)
>I can even retr such messages several times in sequence so that total
>traffic come up to 100k. But if I try to retr a large message (30k) after
>amount of packets other side stop responding. I use tcpdump and notice that
>the last packet of "hanged" session was sent by my host. But after few
>minutes I receive
>response from other side say that connection from my host was closed due to
>While all this is taking place I can still reach that host by ping or
>opening another session and work
>without any problems (if I'm not tring to retr "large" messages).
>I'm a newbye in "tcp connection internals" so I can't enterprete tcpdump's
>output well.
>May be some one can show me where I can get info on how all this internet
>connections are
>constucted. Any other advise on how to solve that problem
>TIA alex
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