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Re: Network Printing, from an Apple, to Debian.

At 08:42 2000/07/31 -0500, you wrote:
The Mac+ wants to talk Postscript to the Laserwriter, yes?

I'm not exactly certain. What I remember is that you'd install the actual LaserWriter drive on the Mac+, and point it to your networked "LaserWriter" printer, sitting on the Linux box. But, the Linux box was actually translating what it gets from the Mac+ into whatever format the printer you use happens to need.

If so, this should be no problem ... I'd use lprng and magicfilter to do the dirty work on the Debian side, and configure netatalk to share out a "Laserwriter" (I've not gotten around to doing this with my lonely Macs at home, alas).

I'm not certain about the specifics, so I'll give this a try when I get my fileserver setup (hopefully tomorrow). Does the LW want pure PostScript? If sure, then it sounds like it'll work just fine.

Thanks for the help.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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