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Network (internet) problems

Hi, all

Some time ago I find out that I have some kind of communication problems
over internet
with some hosts.

It looks like "dead" connection.
for example: I open a pop3 connection to some host with telnet.
I can login and retr small messages with no problem. (small = 10k)
I can even retr such messages several times in sequence so that total
traffic come up to 100k. But if I try to retr a large message (30k) after
amount of packets other side stop responding. I use tcpdump and notice that
the last packet of "hanged" session was sent by my host. But after few
minutes I receive
response from other side say that connection from my host was closed due to

While all this is taking place I can still reach that host by ping or
opening another session and work
without any problems (if I'm not tring to retr "large" messages).

I'm a newbye in "tcp connection internals" so I can't enterprete tcpdump's
output well.
May be some one can show me where I can get info on how all this internet
connections are
constucted. Any other advise on how to solve that problem

TIA alex

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