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Re: mutt/muttrc problem

On 30, jul, 2000 at 10:26:31 -0700, Dale Morris wrote:
> I have posted this or a similar message a couple of times, it hasn't
> shown up on my mail system and I'm having problems with sending mail so
> if it appears I'm flooding the list, it's not intentional.

I haven't seen any, so you system is as fsck'ed up it seems ;-)

> My problem is I can't send mail with mutt 1.2i using Thomas Rossler's
> (or any other, for that matter) ultimate muttrc config file. However I
> can send mail using Netscape and outgoing mail configured to be sent
> through local host. I have Exim configured and am updated Potato, to
> Woody. Previously Potato worked fine with mutt. My questions are:

I'll just interrupt here; did mutt work with that same ~/.muttrc back in
If so, was that with the same version of mutt?

If you have upgraded mutt along the way, and kept the ~/.muttrc then
things _will_ break.

> 1.) Is there some type of securinty *switch* or configuration file in
> Woody that I didn't have in my potato distribution before that is
> stopping mail from being sent in my user directory?

> 2.) Would it change or help if I uninstalled Exim and installed
> Sendmail?
Maybe, but it might not be an MTA problem ...

> 3.) Is there an easy Sendmail configuration script in a debian package
> like Eximconfig? When I had Redhat on my machine, I was able to get a
> script called install_sendmail from freshmeat.net that made it a breeze
> to configure Sendmail.

There is a sendmailconfig in Debian, much in the same way as for exim.
> Thanks for any and all help
You're welcome.

A good place for problems like this is the mutt-users list, go to
http://www.mutt.org/ and find their mailinglists section and subscribe,
I've learned tons of good stuff there.
> --dale



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