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Network Printing, from an Apple, to Debian.

Hey all.

I'm picking up a new computer tomorrow, that will be a fileserver on my home network. One of the things I need it to do is share files/printer with Windows (samba) and Macs (netatalk+asun). I've setup and run both of those programs on other systems, so that's OK. My problem is, I need the printer (Canon BJC-1000) to be available to the Mac as a LaserWriter (since the Mac+ that I have only reliably prints to a LaserWriter, AFAIK).

I found a website with information on how to do it, but I've since lost it (stupid crashing netscape 8-( ). Does anyone know if this remains to be possible? I'll (of course) be running Debian Potato on the fileserver, so the netatalk and samba stuff is dead easy, but I'm not certain if this special driver is provided in dselect, and I forget what it's called in any case.

Thanks for any help!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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