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i read yesterday that "kernel-package" is the 2d most
beneficial feature of dlinux (after
apt-get--untouchable!)....so i thought i'd give it a

using kernel-package (6.05), i've been trying to test a
custom (compliled) 2.2.16 kernel in 2, slink lapboxes. 
after i run "make menuconfig," i, "make-kpkg."  at this
point, i don't know where the kernel image is.  isn't
it supposed to have the ".deb" extension (like
"kernel-image-2.2.16*.deb")?  if it exists, i should be
able to install it merely by "dpkg -i
kernel-source-2.2.16*.deb," right?  there's "kernel" in
/usr/src/linux/arch/i386, but i doubt that it's

output from "dpkg -i kernel-source-2.2.16*.deb":

# dpkg:  error procession kernel-image*.deb
(--install):  cannot access archive:  no such file or
directory.  errors were encountered while processiong: 

i tried to rt*fm, but found "no manual entry for


ia, t.

bentley taylor.


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