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Re: magicfilter trouble (was: apsfilter on Epson Stylus Color... Who can help?)

ferret@phonewave.net wrote:
> You also want to install everything that magicfilter 'suggests' [...]
> You can find the names of the programs by grepping through the filter file
> and checking the against the contents file. Or just run a pass through
> dselect. ;)

Actually I did install magicfilter with dselect, but there seem to be
some "hidden" dependencies, especially on recode, xfig and transfig.
I found this out when I checked my filter-file as you suggested.
For the moment I'm happy with magicfilter - Thank you very much.

> > On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Andreas Hetzmannseder wrote:
> > 
> > [...] right now the printer does *nothing at all* - not even error
> > messages. [...]

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