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konqueror (KDE) problem: Could not create view for ....

Hi All,

when I try to start konqueror I always get the message
  Could not create view for inode/directory

when I try tu type in a httl-url instead i get:
  ..... for text/html

In the kde mailing lists i found:

--- 8< ---
Hmm, what was it. Ah yes, you need to re-run Makefile.cvs in
kdebase, and _then_ make clean in konqueror.
Basically, the konqueror parts (views) were compiled without the right
option due to the missing Makefile.cvs run.

On Tue, May 23, 2000 at 08:55:30AM +0200, Andreas Schlapbach wrote:
> Hello all
> In the last days I`m getting the following error when starting
> konqueror:
>   Could not create view for inode/directory. Check your installation.
> I did a 'make clean' with various cvs snapshots and a 'rm -r .kde' so a
> hint is appreciated. What do I have to check in my installation?
--- 8= ---

Is there any other knows solution for this issue or do I have to build
kde from source rather than using the (tdyc-)deb?


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