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On 31-Jul-2000 Christopher Clark wrote:
> As an ex Rred Hat user, my midnight commander left me in the current working
> directory when I F10 out of it.  The Debian version dumps me back to
> the original directory.  Is there any way to convert my Debian potato MC
> to the redhat style?
> regards Chris

There is no RedHat style or Debian style mc. A unix program cannot change the
working directory of his parent process, so mc can't change the working dir of
the shell from which you've started it. To do the trick, redhat redefines the
mc command as a shell function, which executes the real mc, then changes to
its last working directory. This is wrong IMO, because the user should decide
what he wants, not the package mantainer, and besides the whole thing can be
found in the mc manpage, with the shell functions for bash,zsh and tcsh (look at
the -P option). So if you're using bash, copy the appropriate function to
And you should RTFM before asking.

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