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Re: Looking for a package, but don't know what to call it

Markus Fischer wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 02:53:18PM -0400, Mike Werner wrote : 
> > Now, from any of those labs when you logon, you basically get
> > connected automatically to naur.  All of the account info is (I presume)
> > stored on naur as well.
> 	This basically sounds like NIS (Network Information
> System).

It does seem to be what I was looking for ... thanks for the pointer.  Now
I've another question - how in the hell does this thing work?!?  The docs
that come with the package are a joke.  I've read and reread the NIS-HOWTO a
number of times now to no avail.  Everything seems to be running, but I just
can *not* figure out how to get my laptop (the NIS client) to realize that
the login I'm trying to do is over on the desktop box (the NIS server).  I
went through and did the adduser on the desktop, did the diddling with
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow as per the HOWTO, but the laptop still gives me
the Login incorrect message every time.  I'm not even seeing an attempt at
network traffic from the laptop when I try and login.

Anyone here ever gotten NIS working?  I sure can't.
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