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RE: Mass instalation

if they are all identical, set up one and create a disk-image. There are
several tools to deploy a full image to a harddisk (though maybe not
linux-based). I have no pointers, but searching the web might turn up

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> On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 05:31:09PM -0300, Paulo Henrique
> Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
> >     Hi all,
> >     I have to install 80 PCs (+/- the same hardware) with Debian.
> >     What tools can help me on this?
> >     Thanks,        Paulo Henrique
> I don't have specific multi-system rollout experience, but
> have absorbed
> some (mis?)information from here and elsewhere.
> There is a "kickstart" tool under development for Debian though AFAIK
> it's not production quality yet.
> You can use
>     $ dpkg --get-selections > file
> 	$ dpkg --set-selections < file
> ...to install a similar set of packages on several systems (you'd have
> to make "file" available on the various systems.  You'll still have to
> tweak local configuration files, though IIRC debconf can
> handle some of
> this for you.
> This also looks like a possible application for thin-client, shared
> disk, or diskless workstation type solutions.  If use of the
> boxes, but
> not fully autonomous administration, is what's required, then either
> mounting system disks over the network, using a "push"
> solution (this is
> what VA Linux does, IIRC, having found networked/diskless systems too
> much of a PITA), or other thin-client solution may work for you.
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