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Re: magicfilter trouble (was: apsfilter on Epson Stylus Color... Who can help?)

> I have the SC 660, amd the magicfilter package works
> well with it.

I would like to see your printcap entry. Mine looks like this:

        lp|esc600|Epson Stylus Color 600:\

But right now the printer does *nothing at all* - not even error
messages. I have checked /dev/lp1, so this can't be the problem

> The SC 600 is well supported. Magicfilter has 3 filters
> for it:
> StylusColor-600@360dpi-filter
> StylusColor-600@720dpi-filter
> StylusColor-600@1440dpi-filter

Did you create the filters by yourself? I only found two corresponding
driver entries: stylus_color_360dpi and stylus_color_720dpi (with
magicfilter version 1.2-28).

Please tell me, how you made it work, I'm really curious...

Best regards,

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