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Majordomo Approvals

hi all

I've set up a couple of majordomo-managed mailing lists on the Debian box @
work. The subscription policy is set to "open+confirm", but now and again I
get a message from majordomo asking me to approve the addition of new
subscribers. My understanding is that I shouldn't be getting these messages
unless the list policy was set to "closed". The real pain in the butt is
that if I do send the admin password & other info back to majordom I get the
following response:

Subject: Majordomo results: RE:
Reply-To: majordomo@[server].murdoch.edu.au

>>>> approve [passwd_appears_here]  subscribe dtlj_sub  subs@tracs.co.nz
**** approve: invalid list or password.
**** Help for majordomo@[server].murdoch.edu.au

thanks for any help ....


Andrew McRobert LLB B.Sc(Comp. Sci)
IT Officer, School of Law
Perth, Western Australia
Ph: [+61 8 9360 6479]
Fax: [+61 8 9310 6671]
e-mail: mcrobert@central.murdoch.edu.au
"The lottery: a tax on people who are bad at math"

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