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Re: Just one package from woody with apt-get?

Matthew Dalton wrote:

> apt-get update just retrieves the latest Packages.gz file, which
> contains a list of all packages in the archive
> They are stored in /var somewhere, and are named according to
> distribution (stable, unstable etc) and mirror used.
> montefin wrote:
> >
> > Ross,
> >
> > 1.) Actually, I do an 'apt-get update' _and_ a 'dselect update'
> > beforehand.
> There is no need to do both. If you are using the apt-get method in
> dselect, they both do the same thing.
> > 2.) After apt-get has installed the woody package, I recomment the woody
> > lines in sources.list.
> >
> > 3.) Then, I do another 'apt-get update' _and_ another 'dselect update'.
> There is probably no need to do either of these. You already have the
> package lists from your usual archive.
> Matthew
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Might be to your atvantage to just browse through ftp and download that single .deb
file. i really fscked my system when i changed my sources.list file did and apt-get
update and tried to get th latest x then i tried to go back to stable version and it
wouldnt let me downgrade my packages.gz file. so just open the browser and download
the fikle and save yourself the pain
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