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Re: Lilo-problem

Johann Spies wrote:
> Hello Ashby,
> > If you are getting binary data from your /dev/fd0, then it should
> > have nothing to do with your partitioning. Sounds like the boot disc
> > you are using may be corrupt. Are you trying to boot off /dev/fd0 or
> > /dev/hda?
> /dev/hda
> I also found that my dos partition could no longer be mounted by linux
> and after starting dos from a stiffie, I could not access files on
> /dev/hda1. So I reformatted it.  Fortunately I have backups :)
> Thanks for your reply.  It seems that my DOS partition was destroyed
> by lilo.  I could also not run fdisk /mbr in DOS.  DOS was complaining
> that it could not write on c:

This line in your /etc/lilo.conf is what clobbered your /dev/hda1


What that did was install Lilo in the boot sector of your DOS/Windows
partition and wiped out the DOS boot record.

If you want Lilo in the MBR of /dev/hda you need to change that to:



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