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mutt/muttrc problem

I have posted this or a similar message a couple of times, it hasn't
shown up on my mail system and I'm having problems with sending mail so
if it appears I'm flooding the list, it's not intentional.
My problem is I can't send mail with mutt 1.2i using Thomas Rossler's
(or any other, for that matter) ultimate muttrc config file. However I
can send mail using Netscape and outgoing mail configured to be sent
through local host. I have Exim configured and am updated Potato, to
Woody. Previously Potato worked fine with mutt. My questions are:
1.) Is there some type of securinty *switch* or configuration file in
Woody that I didn't have in my potato distribution before that is
stopping mail from being sent in my user directory?

2.) Would it change or help if I uninstalled Exim and installed

3.) Is there an easy Sendmail configuration script in a debian package
like Eximconfig? When I had Redhat on my machine, I was able to get a
script called install_sendmail from freshmeat.net that made it a breeze
to configure Sendmail.

Thanks for any and all help


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