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Re: kpkg

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, cls--colo spgs wrote:

> debs,
> i read yesterday that "kernel-package" is the 2d most
> beneficial feature of dlinux (after
> apt-get--untouchable!)....so i thought i'd give it a
> whirl.
> using kernel-package (6.05), i've been trying to test a
> custom (compliled) 2.2.16 kernel in 2, slink lapboxes. 
> after i run "make menuconfig," i, "make-kpkg."  at this
> point, i don't know where the kernel image is.  isn't
> it supposed to have the ".deb" extension (like
> "kernel-image-2.2.16*.deb")?  if it exists, i should be
> able to install it merely by "dpkg -i
> kernel-source-2.2.16*.deb," right?  there's "kernel" in
> /usr/src/linux/arch/i386, but i doubt that it's
> debianized.
> output from "dpkg -i kernel-source-2.2.16*.deb":
> # dpkg:  error procession kernel-image*.deb
> (--install):  cannot access archive:  no such file or
> directory.  errors were encountered while processiong: 
> kernel-image*.deb
> i tried to rt*fm, but found "no manual entry for
> kernel-package."
> ...suggestions?

Do you have the kernel-package installed? There is pretty good
documentation for it in /usr/doc/kernel-package/README. After compiling
the kernel with make-kpkg, the kernel image is in the parent directory of
the kernel source. Usually the kernel source would be in
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.14 (replace the specific version number with
what is appropriate in your case of course). You would be in this
directory to do all of the kernel configuring and making. The resulting
kernel image package would be in /usr/src and should have a name something
like kernel-image-2.2.14_custom.1.0_i386.deb (depends upon the --revision
argument you give to make-kpkg). So from the kernel source directory, you
just do 'dpkg -i ../kernel-image-2.2.14_custom.1.0_i386.deb' to install
the kernel you just compiled and packaged. You can also transfer this
kernel image package to other machines and install it there with dpkg -i.
This is pretty well covered in /usr/doc/kernel-package/README.

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