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Re: Mustek 12000SP (SANE)

On Tue, 04 Jul 2000 Sven Richter wrote

> Hy,
> I try to configure my MUSTEK 1200SP and 
> "cat /proc/scsi/scsi"
> shows this
> Attached devices: 
> Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 01 Lun: 00
>   Vendor: YAMAHA   Model: CRW8424S         Rev: 1.0f
>   Type:   CD-ROM                           ANSI SCSI revision: 02
> Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 05 Lun: 00
>   Vendor: SCANNER  Model:                  Rev: 1.03
>   Type:   Scanner                          ANSI SCSI revision: 01 CCS
> but still - "scanimage -L" can't find a device.
> Does anybody has any idea how to go on ??


assuming that
a. you're talking about a (ScanExpress) 12000SP (as in the subject line)
   and not a 1200 something
b. it's one of the newer models (namely those called 12000SP+)
I've had the same problem.

Cause: the SANE Mustek backend looks for a "model id" signature in the
device information it gets from the scanner to decide which specific
Mustek model this is. Mustek have changed this signature in recent 12000SP
models and so the backend won't recognize the scanner.

You can check if this really is your problem by turning on debugging
(environment vars SANE_DEBUG and SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK, IIRC - try
man sane-mustek) and look at what scanimage says. If you see a message
starting "attach: unknown model", it is.

Solution: get the sources of latest official SANE release (1.0.2, I think)
from <http://www.mostang.com/sane/>, upgrade the Mustek backend source
to a more up-to-date version from SANE Mustek Backend Homepage
<http://www.swb.de/~vortex/sane/> (current is 1.0-88, but anything up from
0.74 should do) and build SANE yourself. Deinstall sane .debs first,
and put your build under /usr/local.


Bj"orn Brill <brill@fs.math.uni-frankfurt.de>
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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