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Re: kerneld message / Workaround

Quoting Jonathan Heaney (j.heaney@zetnet.co.uk):
> David Wright wrote:
> > The scripts /etc/init.d/{kerneld,modutils} have to be able to handle
> > both 2.0 and 2.2 kernels with kerneld or kmod. You will see they do
> > this by testing for the presence of /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe which
> > only exists under 2.2.
> > 
> > Perhaps you have a problem with your /proc filesystem (unless a bug
> > has been introduced into these scripts). There should be no need to
> > move/remove the scripts in /etc/init.d.
> Well if there is such a bug it's been there since potato day1 and still
> is.

Then I presume no bug has been introduced.

> Incidentally, does the presence of /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe not
> depend on what you compile in the kernel???

Well, yes. /proc filesystem support has to be built in. Are you
saying that you don't do that?

> I always roll my own and
> any time I've installed potato with a 2.2 kernel I've had to shift
> kerneld.

I don't know why your kerneld gets started. Surely you can put the odd
echo command into the scripts if you want to find out why. Those of us
running systems where it works can't really help you as we are unable
to replicate the problem.

> Maybe if you stick with Debians own kernels it might be there
> but not everyone does.

I gather that there are plenty of people on this list who do not
use Debian kernels, but pick up tarballs elsewhere.

> And what about 2.4test kernels (that I'm running) ?  I don't have a
> /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe - what should I do?????  How do the magic
> scripts in /etc/init.d deal with that????

Well this may well be a completely different problem.

What happened with slink (released with 2.0 kernels) and 2.2 kernels
is that some kind soul made special versions of the affected packages
(like netbase) which had the updated package contents compiled against
slink's C library. I have no idea if that sort of thing is necessary
here because I don't know how woody will differ fundamentally from
potato. You may just eventually get an updated modutils package, but
I have no idea if anyone is working on it yet (assuming that is the


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