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Re: Kernel recompile problems

> My first problem is that after the recompile and setting up lilo,
> when I reboot my computer, every single module fails to load because
> of a huge number of unresolved symbol errors.
It sounds like you forgot to install the modules, or installed them in
the same directory as the old modules. Modules reside in
/lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION. When installing new modules you should
either remove or move the old directory before running modules_install.
So ifyou have a directory named /lib/modules/2.2.16 you could rename
that to /lib/modules/2.2.16_old and then run modules_install.

After I went back to the original kernel, I'm having problems with
vfat.o and fat.o.

Probably because you overwrote the old modules with the new ones, and
the kernel you're running now wasn't compiled at the same time as these

// André

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