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RE: mounting floppy

Have you tried insmod the autofs module before attempting the mount the said
RHL 6.2 floppy?

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> From:	Dale Morris [SMTP:dlm@well.com]
> Sent:	Friday, July 28, 2000 12:57 PM
> To:	debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Subject:	mounting floppy
> I'm trying to mount a floppy that I made with Redhat 6.2 system. It
> mounted on a previous install of potato, but I reinstalled and now  when I
> try to mount it I get the following  error message:
> [I cannot determine the file type and none was specified]
> This floppy has lots of stuff on it that I would like to use for
> configuration, such as .rc files and such. Any suggestions on what I've
> done wrong or how I can get it to mount?
> I superformatted a floppy (although I had to use the /sbin/mke2fs -c
> /dev/fd0 argument) and it mounts fine, as do msdos disks.
> thanks
> dale
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