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Re: my mail daemon "doesn't like recipient" ?

>It's apparent that the MTA on (a.k.a fac13.ds.psu.edu)
>is rejecting mail address to user 'hawk'.

But it's not rejecting all of it; just some.  The debian list always 
comes through, for example (at least I think it's always).  

aack. Now bells ring.  The actual address of this machine is 
fac13.ds.psu.edu.  The machine calls itself hawkins.ds.psu.edu, which 
is an alias at the psu nameserver for this machine.  grepping /etc/* 
and /etc/*/* for fac13 yeilds nothing . . . There used to be a question 
during mail installlation as to whether or not there were other names 
which might be on incoming mail; I don't recall answering this.  I 
assume I need to change *something* in my mail configuration . . .

>> Have they been rbl'd
>> or some such?  She's not the only one that gets messages like this.

>I'll Cc: the offensible address, to see what I get.

I got two copies instead of 3 . . .

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