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netatalk printing problem: need help!

I have installed the netatalk 1.4b2+asun2.1.3-6 from Debian/Linux 2.2
(frozen).  I am almost there getting a HP LaserJet IV PS+ to print
over appletalk network on my Linux bos, but am still having some
problems.  The papstatus shows that the printer is found and working
OK.  I get the following error message(s) when trying to print over

Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7151]: child 7364 for "J. D. Freels HP LaserJet IV" from 5224.41
Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7364]: lp_init: lock: No such file or directory
Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7364]: lp_open failed
Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7151]: child 7364 done

How do I fix this problem.  The printer works find over local, tcp/ip,
and samba as a PS printer.  Do I need to specify a .ppd file at this
machine?  I thought that that was taken care of at the Apple machine?


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