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Re: mail forwarding

Hello and thank you for your reply
the mta is sendmail...
    the reason for the secondary is for it to take over all functions of the primary
in case it goes down...
this means that any .forwards on the primary need to be duplicated just as on the
    and it also means that I don't want to forward to the primary if it is down... but
may want to forward to another account depending on what the user has set up...
    I have created scripts that can automatically update configuration information
from one server to the other... i.e. if a new user is added on the primary server...
or majordomo or the aliases file changes ... I back up the primary server... pull the
backup onto the secondary....
recreate any useraccounts with all passwords, specific user configuration like
.forward or other stuff and have a complet duplicate of the primary without having to
do anything but run a cron script...
However if the secondary has any messages and I check and find out that the primary is
up... I want to send any mail of the secondary to the primary... so people get their
mail... I have ways of finding out if the primary is up so invoking a cron script from
time to time to forward mail to the primary would be nice. This way I have complete
reduncany for mail services... and if the primary fades out for whatever reason... the
secondary will take over seamlessly....
    the only missing block in this setup is to be able to take
/var/spool/mail/USERNAME... parse it and send it off to the original user...
I know that I can do it by taking that file ... running it through a perl program,
recreating a message and mailing it off... that's a ton of work yet again... I thought
there was an easier way of doing it....
    do you know anything about the perl mailtools ?

Mark Brown wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 03:40:09PM -0400, Nakul Hoelz wrote:
> >     I have a 2 mail servers for our domain, both running debian gnu
> > linux.
> > The first one has a DNS mailexchange value of 0 the other has a DNS
> > mailchange value of 5...
> > i.e. all email should be pouring into the main mail machine for our
> > domain....
> > somehow though email ended up on the secondary mail server and I would
> > like to send the email in the mailboxes of the secondary mail server to
> > the primary mail server...
> Your secondary mail server generally shouldn't do local delivery - it
> should forward the mail on to the primary server for delivery (you can
> avoid doing that).  Without knowing which MTA you are using it's hard to
> give details on exactly how to arrange this - if it's exim, the
> secondary shouldn't have the domain in its local_domains but should have
> it in relay_domains.
> When the mail is being delivered to the primary host you have to arrange
> some for the secondary to get access to the mail, with IMAP being a
> common mechanism.
> If most mail is being delivered to the secondary MX that probably
> indicates that there's poor connectivity to the primary MX.
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