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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

"Arthur H. Edwards" wrote:
> The question was "Why is Debian the last, rather than the first,
> distribution?" To a large degree your response is the answer. People
> brand new to Linux eat kernels, they don't compile them.  So, if you
> don't want it to be the last distribution, perhaps you shouldn't
> expect them to compile their own kernels!  

People brand new to Linux also don't know one kernel from the next. I
can't see that as a deterrent.

> So, as usual, Debian has to
> know itself. It IS the last distribution. It requires more than a
> newbie level of sophistication. 

I learned Debian as, basically, a complete newbie to Unix/Linux. I think
it's mostly a matter of visibility. Newbies are just not aware of

> It also has large rewards. 

That's for sure!!


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