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kernel null pointer violations

    Well, I ditched dhcp last night and tried setting up the ethernet card
with just ifconfig and a static IP. I got the same kernel complaints. So, it's
not dhcp. 
    Now, I looked on the cdrom that Rogers gave me. 

    Under directory /cdrom/NETCARDS/SOHOware/SFA110A.PCI/LINUX I find...

[msoulier@lupus LINUX]$ ls

    The readme says to use the tulip driver, which I have, and it has detected
the ethernet card perfectly. So, I'm convinced that I have the right driver. I
think it's a problem in the kernel. Since I have no idea what VA Linux Systems
did to this kernel, I'm going to grab 2.2.17 from Potato. Hopefully that'll
fix the problem. 



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