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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

I definitely came to debian after two other distributions (Red Hat and
SuSE). Part of it is that Debian is not seen on many Store shelves. I
had to seek it out based on reputation. Part of it also is that the
initial installation is not slick. For me that is now part of its
attraction. I should explain that, while apt-get is truly slick after
you have set up your machine, and the ftp-installation is very nice, the
menu's are relatively low level. In fact, they look alot like the Red
Hat 4.1 installation. As you move to a different installation, Please
keep the old one as an option. If it were not for Debian, I would not
have been able to install linux on my laptop (initial PCMCIA problems
that prevented booting.)

ATC, I should think you would prefer Debian as the last DIST. as opposed
to the first of many.

Incidentally, the release times have had some significant consequences.
The High Performance Computing Center where I get my cycles just changed
a very nice cluster from Debian to Red Hat because the stable release is
not very friendly to SMP, even though potato is. While it is true that
you have had nimor releases, I believe they kept the same kernel (is
this true?). 
If I am right, then to keep users, you should try to update kernels in
minor releases.

Arthur H. Edwards
712 Valencia Dr. NE
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