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Re: Just one package from woody with apt-get?


I've done what you're describing with apt-get.

I have the woody sources in sources.list, but commented out until I want
a single package.

Then I uncomment the woody lines and do...

apt-get install <single package name>

And it just gets the most up to date version which is usually in woody.
For instance, Postgresql 7.


Ross Boylan wrote:
> I'm interested in pulling a package or two out of woody.  sources.list
> doesn't seem to allow such fine-grained control.
> What's the usual way of doing this?
> By the way, I've also taken Helix desktop, which I understand means my
> system is pretty woody anyway, though it's trying to be potato.
> I'm interested in the zope 2.2 packages and aaalib.. which helix's
> gimp needs.
> Thanks.

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