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Keyboard fails *only* in X


I just installed a new power supply in my box.  (The fan in the old
one had died.)  After reconnecting everything, I have two detectable
problems:  my floppy disk isn't recognized, which I don't care about
in any immediate way, and my keyboard works only in a VT. 

That is, I can boot up and LILO recognizes my commands, but xdm
freezes absolutely.  If I boot with "linux single" I can work fine in
VTs, but starting X freezes the keyboard.

I know the keyboard is freezing because the Caps Lock and Num Lock
keys, which work fine in a VT or during the console-mode part of
bootup, stop working once XDM loads.

How could installing a new power supply screw up the keyboard, and
only in X?

Running potato (apt-get upgrade-ed yesterday) on a homebuilt Cyrix
M2-based system, w/AT style keyboard.  The "X" above is XFree86 as of
whatever the upgrade was yesterday.  I'm sending this by telnetting
to my ISP.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Carl Fink		carlf@dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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